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Our Squad is made up of Mothers, Fathers, Professionals, Colleagues, Friends, Team Mates and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

The Squad is a fully equipped commercial gym based in Ballycurreen, Cork. We are proud to say that Squad is kitted out with the highest quality equipment for all your training needs but mostly we are proud to say that we boast an inclusive, diverse and supportive group of people who make The Squad a force.  We have something for everybody. One to one personal training, gym membership, a full class schedule, programs, nutritional advise and much more! We all have different goals but with ONE focus – to do it together. As a Team. As a Force. As a SQUAD!



Kate Parfrey

Kate Parfrey

Hi, I’m Kate! I'm co-owner of The Squad. My biggest motivation is helping people achieve things with their body that they never thought possible. I am CrossFit Level 1 qualified and have a huge love for programming and devising workouts for individuals and teams. I love pizza with all my heart and believe that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Josie McCarthy

Josie McCarthy

Hi, I’m Josie! I am co-owner of The Squad. Aside from my work on the gym floor, I am a Performance and Life Coach. I pride myself in making people feel just as good on the inside as they do on the outside. I believe that a healthy mind breathes a healthy body and vice versa. Fun Fact about me is that I have an irrational fear of bananas!

Hattie Durrant
Gym Manager

Hattie Durrant

Hi, I’m Hattie! I’m the Gym Manager here in The Squad. I am a Personal Trainer and class instructor also and I may or may not like to create sweaty finishers! Some random facts about me: My sister convinced me when I was small she was scary spice (she's white). I lived in Spain for a year when I was 4, I had a best friend and we couldn't understand eachother.

Conor Finnerty
Personal Trainer

Conor Finnerty

Hey I'm Conor! I'm a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I'm sports crazy and have also been told I have the gift of the gab on numerous occasions. Random fact about me is that I played a lead role in my school musical back in the day. Only a matter of time before the voice comes out in the classes!

Holly Wolfe
Personal Trainer

Holly Wolfe

Hi, I'm Holly! I am a Personal trainer and fitness instructor here in The Squad. I study full-time in UCC doing Biological and Chemical sciences. I'm a veggie who is passionate about all things food! Advocate for happiness through nutrition, exercise and laughing. Chances are if you make me laugh, we'll be friends! A random fact about me if I could eat hummus all day long.

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Client Testimonials


The classes are so tough, they are challenging and are also different each time. The atmosphere is both friendly and encouraging which makes it easy to book into any class at any time.


Joining The Squad was the best decision I ever made. Being able to train with friends in such a welcoming environment is something I’ve always wanted in a gym - motivating each other in classes or PT's is a huge help in allowing me to achieve my fitness goals.


I have been going to The Squad for about two and a half years. From day one they made me feel so welcome and their energy is so infectious. The classes and PT’s are amazing and the chats, support and advice are second to none. They truly are the best.


The Squad is by far the best gym I’ve ever trained in! You train hard but there is a genuine sense of everyone wanting the best for each other. Each time you enter the doors of the Squad, prepare for the laughs, chats and hard training! Would highly recommend this gym for people of all fitness levels. Your time is NOW!


My physical and mental health have gone from strength to strength & my confidence is soaring. Kate & Josie have given me back the self belief I'd lost. I have been doing PTs with Josie for a few years now and could not recommend her enough. Not only is it a great workout but an agony aunt and gives the best advise ! I always leave with a smile!


When I walked in the door of The Squad a year ago I was scared this would be another gym I would join and fail; I could not have been more wrong. The Squad have helped me achieve things I never thought I could do & literally turned my life around for the better. I've learned to love exercise, it's part of my everyday life now & for that, I will be forever grateful.




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